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An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

(Benjamin Franklin)

Successful breeders recognise that depth of breeding keeps coming to the fore, generation after generation. The history of animal husbandry details how particular varieties were developed as breeders fixed genetic traits by introducing the same bloodlines, only marginally removed, again and again. In this way advantageous characteristics were maintained and developed.

Pedimatch is designed to allow breeders to analyse all the ancestral data on record in a user- friendly way. The programme enables its members to cross-reference pedigree analysis of their animals with the current locality of stock having advantageous bloodlines for breeding. It is envisaged that easy access to such information will allow breeders to have a fuller understanding of the genetic make-up of their own herd and allow simple access to available breeding stock.

Pedimatch is a tool to analyse the genetic make-up of any pedigree registered animal. It does so by calculating the percentage contribution of each of its ancestors to the animal’s family tree. To this end Pedimatch provides two different types of search.

Hereditary Search

This search analyses the pedigree of a particular animal and displays its entire ancestral table in the order of its most influential ancestors. It does so by calculating the number of times each forbear occurs within the family tree indicating the genetic influence it has on the target animal.

Progeny Search

This search enables a user to focus on any animal in the breed, examining the location of any of its progeny that carry a significant portion of its genetic make-up. Lists of such progeny are compiled according to calving-year. Those with the highest genetic correlation to the particular forbear are prioritised.


Genetic Influence: This is the percentage influence that any forbear has over its progeny. It will be greater the more often the forbear appears in the ancestral tree and the closer such appearances are, in generation terms, to the particular progeny.

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